What’s going to change?
Nothing immediately. All current facilities will remain, so will the smiley park team you know and love. However, at SF Parks we are continuously investing in all our parks to ensure they are the best they can be, so in the future you will see some changes… but all for the better.
What changes are there to my contract?
There are no changes to caravan owners’ current pitch agreement, and there is no need to sign a new pitch agreement. The terms of your licence agreement will remain unchanged, and the pitch agreements will automatically be transferred to SF Parks.
Is the season staying the same?
The season dates (10.5 month season, March to January) remain unchanged. We are so happy to see so many owners enjoying their caravans in 2023.
Can caravan owners continue to visit the park as normal?
Caravan owners are welcome to holiday with us as normal and can continue to sub-let their caravans if they wish as per their pitch agreements.
Are there any changes to the security of the site?
As before, we have a park warden who will be on site. We are delighted that the current park warden is continuing with his role at the park.
I have issues with my caravan and/or plot. Who do I speak to?
Please email our SF Reception Team or email opteam@sfparks.co.uk or contact your park reception team.
Can I still access all the facilities at the site?
Yes, and the usual opening hours of all the facilities at SF SunValley Ltd will remain the same – please check social media for updates.
What are the main park rules?
Park rules will be reviewed annually before the beginning of each season but will stay unchanged for this season. Please view the site terms & conditions for all details. All rules that are in place are designed to enable the site to be enjoyed by all. The parks general FAQs can also be viewed by following the link below.